Jennie finn, lmt

I graduated Cum Laude from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA with a B.S. in Biology. Being an adventure seeker and lover of travel, I traveled to Kenya and lived in Colorado and multiple states throughout the U.S. to perform wildlife research and to teach environmental education, until my path led me to experience a massage when I was 23 years old. While going through a trying emotional time, away in a foreign country, I received my first massage and was immediately changed by it. I was able to sleep for the first time in days, and I felt the depth of compassionate touch. Three months later, I moved to Portland, Oregon and started my journey to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Since that time, I have worked with thousands of clients, including athletes, business executives, artists, children and retirees who wish to feel better and experience life at their optimum.

I have studied Orthopedic Massage extensively with world-renowned teacher James Waslaski. I have received Usui Reiki Master certifications from Myra Partyka (Wakefield, RI) in 2014 and 2018. 

After receiving my first session of Zero Balancing, I knew that I had discovered a unique bodywork which addressed the body and mind of the client simultaneously. I immediately began the rigorous Zero Balancing certification program, which included studying with the founder, Fritz Smith, M.D. I became certified in Zero Balancing in 2016. In addition, I have studied Visceral Manipulation techniques using Zero Balancing, working with the interrelated organ systems which store and balance our emotions.

I have completed CranioSacral Therapy 1, 2, and Working with Chronic Depletion through the founding school of CranioSacral Therapy, The Upledger Institute. This is gentle and effective work which blends seamlessly with Zero Balancing.

In 2014, I participated in the Sound Healing Training Program led by Philippe Garnier, founder of Sage Academy of Sound Energy in Woodstock, NY. I integrate evidence-based sound healing tools including tuning forks and singing bowls into sessions.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring local nature trails, breathing fresh air on the East Bay bike path, and enjoying time with my nieces.