Clients have described this work as "Full Body Meditation"

"I cannot possibly express my gratitude for you and your talents!  I could never have just gone through the past month I just experienced "the way I did"!  No matter what the universe tried to test me with, I was an entirely different person "Zen-ing" my way through.  As I did, I have never felt so much love and support from the entire universe, all my angels, and moved through it all with the deepest gratitude in my heart and soul, for each and every blessing.  My life has completely changed, and I could never have gone  through all of this if I hadn't been working with you for the past several months.  Thank you, my dear friend, and with the deepest appreciation and gratitude".

— L.K.

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"I have come to experience Zero Balancing as a mind-body touch modality that re-balances, or allows for a greater synchronizing of my mind and body, for the alignment of optimal performance.  For me, the consequence of this is that my insights into my current work have been extraordinary. I attribute this increase in ease, awareness, wellness, cognition, consciousness—or whatever you want to call the totality of it—directly to Jennie’s expertise with her work. I never knew this level of ability in my life before. Of course, optimal performance would be defined very differently, I imagine, for each individual. For instance, a business executive, athlete, creative type, or someone of advanced age, would each have a very different definition and experience, of what this optimal “wellness” is for them. So this internal and external optimization process, their “wellness” would manifest very differently for each."


"Before working with Jennie Finn, I had never heard of Zero Balancing. I had experienced other forms of bodywork, but did not feel that those other forms gave me the benefit I was looking for, beyond a session here and there.

I typically come to my sessions with Jennie feeling disorganized as a result of life stresses. It is sometimes hard even to articulate an intention for the session when she asks. But I always feel a shift while the work is being done. While Jennie seems to hardly be doing anything but pressing a particular point on my hip or rib or shoulder, I suddenly feel that I can take a deep breath where I couldn’t before. I feel a stubborn worry release almost magically. An insight comes to me about a situation in my life, and it’s like my deep inner wisdom gets a chance to speak, whereas before the session it was getting drowned out by all the “static” in my being.

Zero Balancing brings me back to a place where I feel clear and in line with myself, not scattered or tangled. My body feels complete and at peace—like I have received a full body massage—though Jennie’s touch is always gentle and specific and never becomes too intense (as other types of bodywork sometimes are for me)."


"I am so lucky to have met Jennie through a mutual friend. Even after the first visit I felt really good. She pays attention to all those achy little spots and through her knowledge of human anatomy she was able to pinpoint the problem areas without me saying a word. I have visited her several times and each one was an even better experience. [My husband tried] Zero Balancing with Jennie and now he has been doing great. I see a huge difference in his posture and walk. He isnow able to do activities he had not been able to do for years."

— L.L.

"Zero Balancing with Jennie Finn gets me profoundly relaxed. And when that happens all my creativity starts flowing! I leave the sessions feeling energized and full of ideas -- I recommend her to all of my friends."

— J.V.

"My physical experience of the work is one of deep peacefulness and being at once aware of my surroundings and also, incredibly relaxed, a state similar to that of savasana in yoga. The approach feels very gentle and nurturing, and I am aware of the sense that my body is responding to the very subtle invitation to release. This modality and its imprint on the body is not forceful; it is rather like a nudge or a beckoning; a subtle yet powerful gesture. Afterwards, I often feel a tangible coursing of energy and/or sensation of warmth moving throughout my body. What is my experience of this work? That IT is moving - the body of energy within is moving, shifting, re-positioning itself.

After a series of regular sessions, I have been excited (and admittedly a bit surprised) to have experienced some notable shifts in my life in several of the areas which have been the focus on my sessions. I can sense the cumulative nature of this work and can feel that the shifts within have been subtle and incremental yet - as evidenced by the outward occurrences in my life - quite powerful."

— K.A.

"Yesterday we set an intention of focus and clarity. This morning as I woke up I had three really clear thoughts on projects I am working on. Big thoughts that will really help me in this work. I got what I needed in a way that was very profound and noticeable. The creative process happens in between the things you do. You can't sit down and say ok NOW - right NOW do it...the best ideas come on big thinking in between all of the things you do. At a time when I have a lot of big projects going on that require my big brain to figure things out, the clarity I had this morning really was great and helped my stress level as well."

— K.M.