what to expect

Before each session, we will discuss your health history, including any changes, as well as your goals for the current session.

  • Each session length is approximately one hour (plan for up to 90 minutes, including intake and post-treatment information).

  • All sessions are performed with the client lying face-up, fully clothed, in comfortable, workout clothing. Please bring or wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment.

  • A safe and secure environment allows you to achieve the deepest state of relaxation. I welcome open communication to ensure your comfort throughout the session. 

  • Progress during and between sessions depends on both the therapist and the client working together. Each client should be able to answer the following questions with a “Yes!” statement throughout the time they are receiving treatment:

    • “I want to feel better. I am ready for necessary change to come into my life.”

    • “I am open to receiving this bodywork.”

    • “I see the benefit of, and make time for simple, daily mind exercises, which are imperative for holding positive changes made during each session.”

    • “I agree to work together with Jennie to make the most positive change for myself.”


Rates/client forms

$85 per session

$10 discounted for clients who refer someone new


I wish to always provide the highest level of service to you.  

please give your honest feedback on google! Thank you!   

please complete these forms and email or bring to your first appointment

client intake and consent form and cancellation policy pdf download